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Our Team

Loves to eat, play tennis, and is an amateur TikTok creator

Brian Gao

My main motivation behind creating Asians Speak Up was to give Asians an area where they can truly express themselves, without the fear of being judged. There are so many people that can’t find their voices when they’re put into difficult situations, so I wanted to make a platform that allows these people to finally be heard. We need to be proactive as a group when it comes to standing up for ourselves. If we can all tell a story and find our voices, we’ll be able to establish a strong presence in our society to show that we’re more than just a stereotype.

Loves to play tennis, hike, and snowboard.

Arin Siriamonthep

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the largest issue in our society is reaching our peak potential. People are scared to acknowledge the wrongs and even the rights that exist in our world. Asians Speak Up to me is a form of communication that can be used in order for people to verbalize their thoughts and emotions about the Asian community. Fear is common amongst most people but I want to eliminate that feeling and replace it with confidence. If you are able to understand and grow as a person from these stories, then my work here is done.

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