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Asians Speak Up

What’s your story?

Tell us what being Asian means to you.

Our Mission

The amount of hate crimes against Asians during the COVID-19 outbreak has increased dramatically. We see disgusting acts of racism all over the world through the news, social media, and even our own eyes. We’re looking to facilitate conversation between Asians and their communities to increase awareness about racism and bridge the cultural gap that polarizes humans around the world. We hope to develop a platform where Asians across the globe can come together with support and inspiration to help others.

How You Can Help

Tell us your Story

Send us your story on how being Asian has molded you into the person you are today, through both the joys and the hardships that being Asian carries.

Spread the Word

Follow us and share our platform! We want to share as many stories as we can, and need your help connecting the world.

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